Selling Advice


Where to start?

Paradise Property Sales is Parkinson Real Estate located in the heart of Parkinson. 

For most people, selling their home can be a daunting prospect. There is so much to consider and knowing where to start is often critical to the successful sale of your greatest asset. The key to a successful sale starts with you by doing your research. Check the prices of similar properties to yours that are listed on the internet and local papers, and get a ‘feel’ for where you think your property sits.

Next, it is vital that you select an agent whom you feel comfortable with. A good agent will have done their research before arriving for their appointment and will already have an indication of the price range of your property. This should be supported by a current market analysis of similar properties sold in the preceding three months and those currently on the market.

Once the agent has inspected your property they will have a clear assessment of the current market price. Don’t be fooled by those agents who may try to ‘buy’ your listing. Meaning, some agents will give you an unrealistic market value just to get your listing. This often results in ‘burning’ or losing early buyers that would be otherwise interested in your property which can be a costly mistake.  



Open listing, sole agency or exclusive agency?

You may appoint an agent to sell your property on the basis of an open listing or a sole agency or an exclusive agency.

With an open listing you appoint the agent to sell your property for an unspecified time, but you retain the right to appoint other agents on similar terms, without penalty. In this case, only the agent who sells your property is paid a commission. The agent’s appointment can be ended by either you or the agent at any time.

You may believe that this is great news for you the seller because you have all these agents out there trying to sell your property. The reality is, however, most buyers in the market are ‘on the books’ with all agents in your area and no one agent ‘owns’ buyers. And, as no one agent has been given sole custody to sell your property, they are more likely to wait for opportunity than to commit all of their time and effort (and some expense) working for you without some chance of recovery.

The end result is that there will be agents who will put their interests above your own to try and get a quick sale, rather than achieve the best price possible for you in the market.

sole agency appointment enables you to sell your property yourself whilst also engaging an agent under an exclusive agency agreement for a specified term. Normally, the initial term is negotiable up to a maximum of 60 days. The agent can be reappointed for one or more further terms until the property is sold.

In this case, your agent is not entitled to commission if you make the sale yourself and the agent played no part in introducing the buyer.

If you have the confidence, negotiation skills and time available you may elect to try to sell your property this way. However, as experienced agents and homeowners we know that selling your own property is made more difficult because of emotional attachment. Therefore, we strongly recommend engaging professional negotiators to achieve the best outcome for you.

With an exclusive agency you appoint one agent for a specified term. Normally, the initial term is negotiable up to a maximum of 60 days. The agent can be reappointed for one or more further terms until the property is sold. This is the preferred method of sale as it gives you, the owner, greater control over the sale of your property.

When you commit to Paradise Property Sales with an exclusive agency agreement you are entrusting only us to sell your property. We will honour our agreement by working hard to sell your property for the highest possible price in any given market.

Furthermore, should another agency have a buyer for your property we will happily conjunct with them to get your property sold for a price that you are happy with. You still pay only the one commission to us and we share it with the other agency.

As you can see, our job is to help you sell your property for the best possible price in the shortest possible time. It is not about selfishly holding on to your listing to keep the commission for ourselves. It’s about you and your property. At Paradise Property Sales we offer a refreshing alternative to those agencies that will not conjunct and do not return savings to their clients.


Choosing a method of sale

Deciding on the best method of selling your property will depend on a number of factors including the type of property, its location, the nature of the market, the seller’s timeframe and personal preference.

There are three main ways to sell property. They are:

Sale by tender. This is when a property is advertised without a price and buyer interest is invited by way of tender submissions by a specified date. At this time all tenders are opened and considered by the seller. Consideration includes price, conditions of the offer and proposed settlement date. Buyers are not informed of the other submissions and the seller is able to negotiate with their preferred tender. The seller is not obliged to accept any tender offer and can choose another method of selling their property if the tender process is unsuccessful.

Public auction. An auction is a three-phased process. The property can be sold prior to, at or following the auction (if it is passed in). The seller is encouraged to set a reserve price beforehand. A well-prepared auction should see healthy competition amongst bidders. And, once the property is announced as ‘on the market’ a sense of urgency is created and a successful sale will result. Should the reserve not be reached, the property will be passed in and the highest bidder has the right of first refusal. With sale by auction in Queensland, all contracts are unconditional and no cooling-off period applies.

Sale by private treaty. This is the most common method of sale. In a private sale the property is advertised and offers are invited from prospective buyers in the market. An offer only becomes a contract when all conditions of the offer, including price, are accepted by the seller. A five-day cooling-off period starts from the next business day and ends at 5.00 pm of the fifth business day. The contract may also be subject to such conditions as finance, pest and building inspections. Of course, Paradise Property Sales will support you right throughout this process.



There are many factors that will determine the marketing strategy to be used when selling your property. For example, a coordinated auction campaign will normally commence from four to six weeks prior to auction day to ensure widespread coverage and to maximize exposure of your property to the market.

Of course, any marketing strategy will be tailor-made to suit your property and the particular market at the time. Unlike some franchise offices that do not refund unused advertising money, we will give back to you a full refund of advertising money not spent. 

We at Paradise Property Sales are always happy to help in any way we can with your property needs. Please contact us to see what we can do for you.