Calculate a Home Loan Based on Rental Repayments

Put your monthly rental amount towards owning your own home - determine how much you can afford to borrow based on the current amount of rent you pay



Term Deposit Calculator

Got spare cash lying around and want it to work hard for you? A term deposit could be just the thing. See the benefits of leaving your money alone for a specific amount of time.



Split Loan Calculator

Why not fix some of your loan and leave the rest on a variable rate and hedge your bets. Work out the repayments with all the variables accounted for.



Lump Sum Repayments Calculator

Come into some money and want to make one big extra payment on your loan? Use this tool to calculate what a difference that can make to your mortgage term.


Extra Repayments Calculator

Want to get rid of that mortgage as fast as possible? This tool to shows you how much time and interest you can shave off your loan if you make extra payments.


Savings Calculator

If you're struggling to save a deposit for a house, take a look at how quickly your savings can grow if you invest them wisely and make regular contributions.